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Returns Policy

Our Returns Policy ​

At, we understand that there may come a time when you may want to return or exchange a product that you have purchased from us. We want to make this process as simple and easy as possible. Read on to understand our returns or exchange policy below.

Our Returns/Refunds & Exchange Policy - 7 Day refunds on approved returns and 30 Day exchanges on approved exchanges.

Vitu Zote accepts return as per the following policy

  1. We reserve the right to accept or decline an exchange, store credit or refund request.
  2. If a refund request is approved, we will endeavour to process it in seven business days.
  3. A transaction fee of 5% is deducted on all refunds paid for via credit or debit card or M-Pesa. No fee is charged on exchanges or store credits.
  4. To effect a refund or exchange or store credit, the customer needs to raise an alert with us within 1 day from the date of delivery or sale in order to be eligible for the return, refund or exchange.
  5. The product requiring exchange, refund or return should be received by us within 2 working days of the date of delivery in order to be eligible for the request.
  6. We retain the rights to examine whether the product returned is defective/damaged and based on the verification of staff, we will either re-deliver/replace or refund, issue a store credit or decline the request.
  7. In case a product is defective or damaged, will replace and reship the product to the same delivery address of the customer subject to the availability of the stock of the product.
  8. In case the returned product is not defective/damaged, then the customer will be informed about the same and the same product will be reshipped to the shipping address of the order.
  9. The customer is responsible for shipping/courier charges for a replaced/re-shipped product. In some instances upon our discretion, we may avail free courier/shipping.
  10. If the product stock is unavailable, and a refund request has been approved, a refund will be initiated and the same shall be informed to the customer.
  11. Upon approval by Vituzote staff or management and within 7 days of purchase, we can process a full refund on any item if it meets our return conditions including but not limited to product packaging and condition.
  12. Upon expiry of 7 days and upon approval by Vituzote staff or management, we offer a 30 day store credit or exchange of similar value item.

How to submit your return or refund or exchange request?

  1. Email us at
  2. Alert any of our staff at any of our branches and they will assist you with the request
  3. WhatsApp us at 0714389495 with your order ID and reason for exchange, retrun or refund.

Please provide us much detail as possible to enable us expedite your request.

We look forward to serving you.