Gift Registry FAQ's

Gift Registry FAQ's

Image result for gift registry couple banner offers a wide selection of excellent housewares that make wonderful gifts for a couple. Over the years, we have become the choice gift registry for Kenyan couples and we offer an online registry that allows couples to add their desired gifts and share with their friends and family. 



Our registry gives you the option to share publicly or privately with your occasion visitors. You also receive a special link unique only to you that you can share with your friends and family to access the occasion details and links. Moreover, you can view items purchased for you and keep track online or through our customer service team.



We find that most couples based in Nairobi visit one of our shops first to familiarize themselves with our items and then proceed to use the website to manage their gift registry.



Please read on below for frequently asked questions.


How do I create a gift registry?


Simply log into 


If you are a returning/existing customer already registered on our website, use your email address & your password. If for any reason you do not remember your password, you can reset it  or contact us for help.


New customers will need to create an account with us. 


Once logged in click on category menu “Gift” then “Gift Registry”. Create a new event and complete your occasion details and once done, you can then edit your event and add products or browse our catalog of products to add your desired registry gifts by simply clicking "Add to Gift Registry" link


Can I create a gift registry in the retail shops?

Sure you can. Our sales associates in our retail shops can assist you with this and you can also call our customer service line 0714389495 to guide you through creating one. 


Are all our items in the shops available online?


Yes! Everything you see in our shops is available online. In fact our website lists much more products and has up to the minute information on stock availability.


Is there a minimum amount that I have to register?


No. It is up to you how many items, and of what value, you wish to add to your registry.   

Can my gifts be delivered to me?


Yes. Please do let us know you would like us to hold your gifts and consolidate them and when to deliver.


What if a guest wants to purchase the gift from our shops, and hand it to the couple at the event personally?


Sure this is possible. Many occasion visitors prefer this option and we also provide gift wrap services online and in our shops at Sarit Center, Yaya Center and The Junction Mall.


Can I edit my registry after creating it or add products?


You may add or remove an item off your registry at any time. Because we are constantly adding new products on our website and shops, we encourage you to occasionally visit our "New Arrivals' section to see what new items you would like to receive and add to your registry.


When should I set up my registry?


Most of our occasion registry users typically set it up before their occasion cards are delivered to their guests. Most couples will also include "" in their cards. 


Do my guests need to be registered on our website to view your registry? 


No they do not. You can choose whether to make your event details and gifts public or private. If your event is public then anyone can view your event details by searching through the "Gift Registries" link at the bottom navigation links on our website. If your event is private, only people you invite via a special link you receive once you create a registry will be able to view your event details.

Final Note - Our staff online and in every shop are able to view your registry at all times and can advise your guests which items have been purchased to avoid duplication. We're at your service should you have any further questions.

Please see our shop locations here and contact us here or on WhatsApp 0714389495

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