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Kitchen Craft Sweetly Does It Medium (4cm) Plastic Icing Couplers, Blister Carded. Couplers are a great way to change the icing nozzle without having to change the icing bag, This set of two is great for when you are icing different colours at the same time, you can still have the same fle..
450.00 KES
Ex Tax:450.00 KES
Disposable icing bags are ideal for adding decoration to cakes and desserts and piping cream and mashed potatoes. Bags are ready for use or can be trimmed to fit an icing nozzle. Bags are stored neatly in a box with a dispenser to easily draw out bags. Ideal for adding decoration to cakes an..
1,395.00 KES
Ex Tax:1,395.00 KES
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